iPAD, Heartsine, ZOLL and Physio-Control Defibrillators

FOR INDOOR USE - Carry Bag included


These Defibrillators are totally self-contained and need no electrical connection.

They need no maintenance other than regular weekly visual checks.

They run self checks – daily, weekly and monthly and have clear displays for visual checking

Just change the date-stamped Battery every 4+ years and Pads every 2+ or 4+ years OR after use.

They have 8 or 10 year warranties.

Operation on the Fully Automatic models involves just two steps :

1) Turn ON.
2) Stick the Pads on patient’s chest as per diagram.

It then does the rest – automatically !
It decides IF to shock, WHEN to shock and at WHAT POWER to shock for best results.

Semi-Automatic models require the additional Step of pressing a Button to Shock when TOLD to do so.

They clearly TALK the user through the whole process including help with CPR.

Click HERE to see WHY a Defibrillator is necessary and WHAT it actually does.

It is, however, recommended that users are trained in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and use of the Defibrillator.

A great explanation of WHY CPR should be done and HOW to do it properly can be seen HERE

In view of the importance of choosing the correct Defibrillator for your project, I feel that is important to discuss options before purchase.

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